Facebook helps those websites serve up relevant ads or receive analytics that help them understand how people use their services. The company gets this data from websites and apps that let people share or like posts using Facebook plugins, or log into the website with their Facebook accounts. Sites that use Facebook advertising or analytic tools also share data.

Facebook also says it uses the data to improve its own ads and identify bots and bad actors. Facebook says it can match that data to a Facebook profile, if the person has one. If not, the company claims the data does not get used to create a profile.

According to Facebook, the information it receives can include the name of the website or app, your IP address, your browser, what operating system you use and whether you’ve visited the third-party site before.

List of Facebook entry ports.

Personal Information

  1. First name
  2. middle name
  3. Surname
  4. Password
  5. Phone number
  6. Email address
  7. political view
  8. religion
  9. relationship
  10. family members
  11. description about yourself
  12. your favorite quotes
  13. interested in (man\ woman)
  14. nick name
  15. professional skills


  16. profile picture
  17. Cover picture
  18. Private photos
  19. photo frame
  20. profile video


  21. University
  22. discipline
  23. start year
  24. end year
  25. Post graduate
  26. discipline
  27. start year
  28. end year
  29. High School
  30. start year
  31. end year


  32. Name of the job
  33. position
  34. start year
  35. end year

    Place You’ve Lived

  36. current city
  37. Home town

    Contact Information

  38. social link (twitter, Instagram)
  39. websites
  40. birthday


  41. language in which you’ll like to have post translated
  42. language you don’t want to be offered translations
  43. languages that you don’t want to be automatically translated
  44. Multilingual posts


  45. Sport
  46. music
  47. TV program
  48. food
  49. films
  50. celebrity
  51. books
  52. apps
  53. games
  54. likes (pages)


  55. friends to contact if you are locked out
  56. who can see your future posts
  57. who can see the people, page and list you follow
  58. who can follow yourself
  59. who can send you a friend requests
  60. who can see your friend list
  61. who can you look up using the phone number you provided
  62. who can you look up using the email address you provided
  63. who can see you birthday
  64. who can see you birth year
  65. who can see you contact information
  66. who do you want to block

    Legacy contact

  67. choose a family member or close friend to care for you account if something happen to you
  68. choose 3 or 5 friends to contact if you are locked out
  69. get alert about unrecognized login
  70. recover external accounts
  71. limited who can see you posts.


  72. who can post on your timeline
  73. who can see what others post on your timeline
  74. who to share your posts to their story


  75. who can see posts that you’re tagged in your timeline
  76. when you’re tagged in a post, how do you want to add the audience of the post if they can’t already see it.


  77. review tag that people add to your posts before the tags appear on Facebook
  78. review post that your tagged in before the post appear on your timeline
  79. do you want you status to be active
  80. who did you want to see your active log

    Life Events

  81. when did you say your first word
  82. when did you started walking
  83. when was your first travel
  84. when did you learn how to ride bicycle
  85. when did have your firs pet
  86. what is the name of your pet
  87. when did you built your house

    Ads Setting

  88. ads on data formed partners (allowed or not allowed)
  89. ads based on your activity on Facebook company products that you see elsewhere (allowed or not allowed)
  90. ads that include social action (your friends or no one)
  91. can your Facebook ad preference be used to show you ads in apps and websites that are not part of the Facebook companies

    Notification Setting

  92. what notification do you like to get
  93. close friends activity, birthdays, public post notification, or notification from apps?
  94. How do you want to get notification (email, or text message)

    Text messaging

  95. what phone number do you want text message to get to yourself

    Other Activities

  96. payment setting
  97. games and app notification
  98. check in
  99. joined group
  100. location settings
  101. face recognition

    Video Settings

  102. Video Quality
  103. Auto-Play Videos
  104. Always Show Captions

    Stories Settings

  105. allow other to share your public story to their own story?
  106. Allow people to share your story if you mention them?

    Health and Wellness

  107. New habit
  108. health update
  109. training
  110. athletic events