It is with deep pains and shame that we right to the both Technical Department and the entire community at the United Mission Church of Africa Chapel Tanke, Ilorin, Nigeria.

As much as you are not satisfy and happy with the current state of the church website UMCACHAPELTANKE.ORG. All of us at FutureX Media Nigeria equally suffers similar grief and deep concerns.

We are digital empowerment company that looks forward to lead Africa to technological advancement. Building website is one of the things we do to our dream forward.


The UMCACHAPELTANKE.ORG project was first handed to FutureX Media Inc. on January 2017.

The development was rapid and the website commence activities around February.

Dr. James Adeoye was managing and uploading the church content to the site for a whole year after our website management free training.

Domain name and hosting services is generally renew yearly and the church truthfully and fully provide the fund for renewal January 2018.

However, we are invited for a meeting on how to improve the website.

For such, the standing policy at the company is to ask for specifications, features and functionalities to be added to the site.

But what we meet at the discussion table was quite out of our business procedure.

The youth president and a fellow church member has an interface they want us to implement.

But the problem we have with this is the fact that they fail to provide the backed ( the actual logics — controllers and services) that will determine the flow of the website.

In other to work with this front-end resources, we must develop a full flag content management system (CMS).

This is a project that has took even WORDPRESS ( the most popular CMS) over 10 years and still under active with the lastest version coming out a week ago.

The new demand also include a portal system for the church and various department.


We took the challenge and build a content management system we named Future.

We live the minimum viable edition with the UMCACHAPELTANKE.ORG hosting space and domain and provided login credentials members of the Technical Department (Dr. Adeoye and Mr. Ladejobi)

Our hope is to constant develop the CMS over a period of six month till we get the best of it.


Dr. Adeoye could not manage the new interface and complain about many bugs which try to fix on the go.

The bandwidth and power situations of the country adds to our stress of improving this system.

However, Dr. Adeoye suggest we reverse the site to the old way if that we be a better option.

So, we notice a consistent flow of dichotomy in what the Technical Department demand from us.

We could not tend to these demands since we can spot a continuous decline in the company viability.


Instead of making a time for due dialog, we decide to be silent about it and watch the situation deteriorate.

We know the state at which the church website is demand a quick fix but we could not a get an aura of cooperation we need to operate perfectly.

Our silent definitely will have caused a lot of pains or even havoc to parties concerned.

But, as a startup, we take that to be part of our inexperience and we assure you to have learned our lessons.


Two drivers cannot ride a car, so we are suggesting that entire Technical Department of the United Mission Church of Africa Chapel Tanke to do the following to aid our effort at making up for mistake:

  1. Reach an agreement on what are the features, specifications, and functionalities to plug to the site
  2. Provide these necessary contents to actualize the demands
  3. Provide a maximum of 3 people team we can work with
  4. Give us the whole of September to build and finish up the site

Note: We highly appreciate the absence of know-to-much developers on the team. Our approach is: this is what you want, we build it and it is working. We don’t want issues around what language, framework or libraries should be used.

Timmy Brain,
Cheif Executive Officer,
FutureX Media Nigeria.

Bamigbade Joshua,
Cheif Marketing Officer,
FutureX Media Nigeria.