The fear of failure is the greatest single obstacle to success in a man’s life.

Goals are achieved when you feel fulfilled in what you do. It takes only the courageous mind to attain success in any business. It is when you are courageous that you will survive the ups and downs you will encounter on your way to achieving goals.

Below are 4 major steps to follow to achieve goals. If the steps are rightly followed, there is no doubt you will achieve your goals.

  • DEFINE THE GOALSKnow exactly what you want to accomplish. Put them in writing and get your brain start working on the details of making it happen. Keep your mind on the goals. The goals should be in line with your business mission and vision. Break these goals down and develop objectives on them. The objectives should be clear, actionable and attainable.
  • IDENTIFY STEPS AND TASKS TO ACCOMPLISH THESE GOALSNow that you know what what you want to accomplish, strategize what should happen to reach that mission. Do some brainstorming. Create a team, supportive people to help reach your goal and generate ideas and steps to follow to accomplish the goals.
  • ACT ON THE STEPSYour goals will never happen if you don’t take actions. Put the ideas and steps you’ve gathered in to actions. Ensure none of the steps gathered is left out. Set

    deadlines that are reasonable, but will also keep you moving forward. Take a hard look at your strength and weaknesses. Check if there is any area you should seek help or strengthen. Be positive, this will help you survive the ups and downs you will encounter along the way. A positive mindset is a success mindset.

  • REWARD YOUR SELFCelebrate yourself on every step of the way. This reinforce that what you’re doing is exciting and important. Also recognize those who have helped you along the way like your team members. Rewarding yourself on every success keep you motivated and focused so you can keep going.