For an entrepreneur to be successful in business, there should be some strategies or ideas planned and followed to keep the business moving. Below are some of the ideas to be followed by any entrepreneur that wants success in the business.


    : This has to do with focusing on one product or service. As an entrepreneur, look for products or service you are really good at and specialize on it. You don’t have to engage in all products or service to be successful. Don t be jack of all trades.

    For instance, A skin care formulator shouldn’t be seen engaging in products or services that doesn’t relate with the skin. You should try and focus more on skin products. Even if you want to engage in other products or services, it should be set up differently. Don’t try to be all things to all people.


Is the process of making your product or service stand out from other products or services. This will give you competitive advantage over your competitors in the market. To achieve this, firstly know what your customers really want or need from your product or service and give them the best. For example, a customer with acne on his or her face wants a product that will clear the acne from the face within 7 days. As a skin care formulator who wants to stand out among others in the market, you should provide the customer with a product that will work within the 7 days or if there is no product of such, make the customer understand while a gradual process is the best and provide him or her with the product. This will help you in gaining more customers for your business because if the product works, the customer will refer other people with same skin problem to you.


This is the process of dividing your business and customers into segments. Segmentation is done to identify the customers who are or will be more beneficial to you in your area of specialization and your competitive advantage in the area where your business is located. This help in identifying who your ideal customers are, their locations, interests, what they do and so on. You will know how their services will help build your business or improve your business and how your product or service will help them also.


After identifying who your ideal customers are, concentration is the ability to focus all your effort and resources on the customers or opportunities where you have the greatest chance of success. Your ability to focus only on them will increase your return on effort than any other.